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Improve school operation and make teaching and learning simple  
Cloud School Information & Resources Management Software help administrators to manage all school activities and dat-to-day school operations such student enrollment, registration,  record management, performances, behaviours, events, calender, digital classroom, e-learning, human resources, communications and finances with ease. CloudSchool is a cloud based school information and records management tools that will help you improve the performance and output of adminitrators, tutors and pupils.

Unlimited Subjects/Courses Easy to use
Unlimited Classes Comprehensive
Unlimited Educator Flexible
Parent/Student Portal Cloud based
eClassroom Secured data storage
Grading & reporting 24/7 support
Helping great number of schools and pupils everyday
CloudSchool Infomation & Resources Management Software is helping great number of schools and pupils every day.
It is an alternative and effective way to simplify school management functions and reduce manual and paper works.
was designed from ground up to accommodate a wide variety of schools functional and non-functional administration requirements. It offers enterprise-level availability, data protection, and security.
Users need minimal or no training to use the application modules. It is built to be an enjoyable with intuitive experience.

CloudSchool is web-based, providing real-time access to all features anytime, anwhere. It is mobile ready for school administrators, teachers, students, and parents. friendly tools mean you can access it on any device.
CloudSchool Key Benefits
Reduces administration cost and time by reducing paper works, offers effective resources management and speed up processes.
Increase productivity and reduce the time and effort without leverage on quality.
Help administrator to manage schools information and accurately organize data.
Data sharing becomes flexible with everyone having access to schools information on the go.
Realtime monitoring  of studen behaviour, performance and achievements.
Create flexible work environment to administrators and teachers with access to data anytime, anywhere.
Easily manage school finances with integrated accounting solution.
Offers parent online acess to ward performance, behavior, report cards and also offers smooth communication with the school any time, anywhere.
Connect with student and parent online
Engage student/parent remotely with eclassroom
CloudSchool is flexible, secured and user-friendly
 integrated financial accounting management solution.
Easy online access for students, parent, teachers and administrators
CloudSchool Functionalities
CloudSchool is comprehensive with over 250 modules automate seamless flow of information end-to-end.
Administrative dashboards
College data analytics
System administration
System administration settings
Classes management
Students records management
Attendants management
Behaviour management
Achievement management
Discipline & rewards management
Student grading & reporting
Human resources management
School facilities management
Financial management
Contacts and communication
Events and calender management
Web content management system
Management reports
Plan & Pricing
Affordable pricing for everyone.
Use the price calculator to know actual price.
Unlimited Course
Unlimited Educator
Unlimited students
Parent/Student Portal
Grading and Reporting
Web-based, Cloud, SaaS
Instant account setup
Email support
24x7 support
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Getting started
Purchasing and implementing our software solution is  only the beginning.
Once the it is up and running, support becomes key to long-term success
Our support staff is available 24 hours in a day, 7 days a week.

ing up is simple.
Fill the sign up form with no of student you wish to enroll now and you can add more later.
If you wish to enroll more students, we can give you a quotation with discount.

There is no limitation to no of students to be managed.
You can start with as little as five(5).

If you required additional customization or you want to deploy on-premise, please
contact  our sales team.
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